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Roslin Cells working with Tokyo Electron on developing new smart cell processing technologies

Roslin Cells will work with Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) and Cell Therapy Catapult, in addition to other partners from academia and industry, to develop standardised Smart Cell Processing Technologies for cell culture and inspection through open innovation. “Our long term goal is to evolve smart cell processing technologies to a fully-automated smart cell factory that can economically and safely produce standardized clinical grade iPS/ES cells”  Smart Cell Processing Technologies will comprise hardware solutions in the form of equipment for culture and inspection of cells, as well as software algorithms and characterization methods. This is expected to lead to the generation of a novel system with a shared database and quality management framework to track production processes and ensure and cell quality. TEL will also develop technologies to quantify and standardise cell quality with the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC), as well as stem cell researchers in UK academia.

We share Tokyo Electron’s vision that smart cell processing technology will be essential for the large scale production of cells for therapy and the need for open innovation. Our development programmes will advance faster through collaboration with the STC especially as it is located in the UK,” commented Aidan Courtney, CEO of Roslin Cells.

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